web site hosting and domain names registration web site hosting and domain names registration
web site hosting and domain names registration

Web Site Hosting and Domain Names
In Ten Easy Steps!

Before you decide to become a World Wide Web entrepreneur you might want to consider these tips to successful web site hosting and domain registration in ten easy steps. Then check out all our other articles and information where we aim to inform you about all you need to know to demystify domain names and web site hosting!

First off though lets explore Web Site Hosting and Domain Names in Ten Easy Steps to get an overall idea of whats required:

1. Set a target date for completing the site.

Often, web sites take too long to be put together. Break down the project into it's different components. Set a reasonable goal, and take all necessary measures to reach it!

2. Choose a short, comprehensive domain name.

If your site is to be used for sales or marketing then you want the site to be easily remembered. This means it must have a search-engine friendly name. A search engine friendly name is short and to the point. If the site is going to be found by means than other than the Internet search than it is fine to use a longer or more complicated web hosting domain name.

3. Decide on your web site's features.

Decide on the design of your site and where the most important content should appear. Design the home page first as it will help you to think about all of the other pages you will need. Decide if your site needs a chat room, a video display or still graphics. Decide if you want the site to have music. Remember, the more things that you have on the site, the slower the site will run.

4. Plan your web page contents.

Design a structure for the content of the site before you start putting web pages together. Decide how many pages you will have and how visitors will link to these pages from the home page.

5. Decide how often you will add content or upgrade your site.

It is makes good business sense to periodically upgrade your pages with fresh content and images.

6. Select a web page hosting service.

Factors that should influence your choice of a web host server include pricing, reliability, scalability and security. If you are going to accept credit card payments on the web, make sure the server is secured. Do not pick a provider whose servers crash every few weeks. Make sure the provider you pick will be able to handle increased traffic and not present you with a surcharge if your site experiences increased traffic.

7. Choose a website designer and/or writer for your site.

Many individuals starting a first site can accomplish the writing and design of the site without assistance from a professional. However, if you want your site to excel you might want to consider optimizing your content or adding specially designed graphics.

8. Decide how your site will be publicized.

It is unlikely that anyone will run by your site by accident on the Internet. Most sites are found after the customer already has the name of the business. This is why it may be necessary for you to publicize your site through the use of search engine optimization, links to other sites, business cards, fliers and newspaper ads.

9. Submit your domain name to search engines.

Nobody can find you on the web unless your company is part of a popular search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Overture. Manual submission is usually a waste of time, so be sure to scout around for a good service provider who can guarantee that your site is found on the web.

10. Consider making additional income through advertising.

You can sell advertising space to other site owners or businesses on your site. This is a good idea if your business relates to another. For instance, a tarot reader may want to link to an occult bookshop business and take a percentage of the sales, or the shop may offer to advertise witchcraft books for sale on her site. You can usually also just trade links with another site. This allows you to send web traffic to each other.

By following these ten easy steps to web hosting and domain names you should be up and running and in the Internet business in no time at all. Now check out our other resources and don't forget to

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