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All About Free Web Hosting Solutions

The first thing that most people learn about free web hosting solutions is that they are not completely free. On most free web hosting sites the free web hosting solution is to charge you for the use of your own domain but not for the web space. If you don't have to pay for a domain name then you will use the web host's domain name as part of your URL. These types of free web hosting services are usually supported by pop up and banner advertising that appears (and often interferes) with the content on your site.

Whether you opt for free web hosting solutions or commercial web hosting, web hosting is a necessary evil. Simply put, your web site needs to be "hosted" somewhere to be seen by other viewers either via domain name or IP address.

When you open an account with a free web hosting solutions service provider you are given access to a portion of hosting company's web server. Once your account has been activated with your web hosting provider you simply upload your files using something like FTP or Microsoft FrontPage. Many sites also offer build-your-own-site templates.

The free web hosting solutions offered by free servers often offer many of the same services as commercial sites such as email addresses, web site statistics, back up and restore functions and pre-installed scripts.

There are definitely some things to be wary of before you open an account with a site offering free web hosting solutions. No matter what you have to expect that your site will be decorated with the advertising of the server's clients. Beware of companies that overdo the advertising. One or two ads on your site a day is more than fair in exchange for some free web hosting space.

Most sites offering free web hosting solutions will give you quite a bit of web space in exchange for your email address. Like most free web sites you get free services in exchange for your willingness to get spammed. The best free web hosting web sites promise not to share your email address. If you are spammed with more than a dozen emails from strange businesses on the first day that you sign up for free web hosting than it is time to look for a new provider.

It is estimated that there are over 15,000 sites on the web that offer free web hosting solutions. Typing the key words free web hosting or free web hosting solutions into a popular search engine such as Google should turn up hundreds of service providers.

Sites that offer free web hosting services do incur significant expenses in order to offer the web master a free place to host and learn how to build a first web site. Honoring their terms of service will help them continue to offer quality free web hosting solutions without cluttering your site with too much advertising.

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