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How To Get A Fabulous Domain Name

The trick to getting a fabulous domain name is to keep it short simple and to the point. A crappy domain name is one that is too long, too complicated or a split domain name from a free web hosting service (example www.freewebspace.com/prettythings.) Your domain name should express the essence of your service without being too abstract. It should contain a keyword that will easily lead traffic to your site. An example would be www.buytrucks.com.

The domain name must be fabulous because it is the URL that users will enter into a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape in order to find you. The catchier the name, the more likely it is that they will be able to remember who you are. Avoid using words that sound like each other but are spelt differently such as "sight" and "site" or words that are difficult for most ordinary people to spell such as psychiatric or vicissitude.

Coming up with a fabulous domain name seems easy at first, but you will soon discover that the most obvious names have been taken because they have been owned or registered by somebody else. If this is the case and you have your heart absolutely set on a domain name then you can always go to betterwhoisit.com. Betterwhoisit is a site that identifies who owns what name on the Internet. Some people just collect desirable names and titles for domains and are willing to sell you the domain name of your dreams. The price can vary depending on the universality of the title. For instance, a site name such as www.psychics.com would cost a lot more to purchase from a vendor than a more obscure but related name such as peoplegivingpredictions.com.

The .com extension (called TLD) usually identifies commercial web sites. Non-profit organizations might prefer using an .org TLD. Unfortunately, you will find that most common words and sentences are already in use, especially if you are using a .com. This is why coming up with a fabulous domain name also takes a great deal of creativity.

You will also have to make sure that your domain name doesn't contain any trademarked material. For instance, a domain name such as www.pepsiversuscoke.com is likely to infringe on two big trademarks.

Many web hosts will register your new domain name for you, if you choose this option before opening an account. However, as domain names can expire it is recommended that you do it separately at an inexpensive registrar, so that the web hosting service doesn't try to sell it back to you after the domain name expires. Inexpensive domain name registrars are Stargate Inc. (http://www.stargateinc.com/) or GoDaddy.com (http://www.godaddy.com). Both of these sites allow you to register a .com domain name for an annual fee of less than ten dollars!

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